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Moroccan Berber Carpets sells handmade Berber carpets & Moroccan Tents from Marrakesh Morocco

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Moroccan Pouf is a stylish and practical. It's small Bohemian side is charming and brings an exotic touch to your cozy nest.

Bohemia Marrakech

Bohemia Marrakech works with Moroccan artisans and craftspersons to contemporize and showcase their beautiful work to the world.

When you buy from Bohemia Marrakech, you can be assured that you're buying the item directly from its creator.

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happy Customers

Really like it! Pleased with quality and size ordered (35x35); didn’t smell much at all, arrived exactly as expected. First trimmed some loose stitch threads and then filled with lots of old clothes, blankets, towels, a comforter and a pillow or two....still some roof to stuff more if want it firmer.

Rob G.

Absolutely beautiful! I bought one for my friend for her nursery and she loves it too! I bought the light brown for myself, and now I’m thinking I may eventually purchase the dark for myself later. They do come unstuffed but I just used an old throw pillow for the top and old clothes for the rest.

Courtney P.

I love, love, love it! It’s absolutely beautiful, exactly as pictured. I stuffed it with some old pillows and it’s perfect. Shipped incredibly fast, too. I definitely recommend this brand!

Amber C.

LOVING my pouf!! Amazing color and size! And the subtle aroma of morrocan leather is so lovely. It took a bag and a half of old kids clothes to stuff...which was pretty surprising to me. The quality is beautiful and I couldn't be happier!!

Cherita M.

poufs are absolutely gorgeous; might just have to get another one. Thank you! 😀

Linda Y.

This is so beautiful. The color is a nice, rich medium-dark brown and is a terrific piece for any room. Took me literally 10 minutes to stuff (I used a bulk fiberfill - works great!!). Shipping was quick, which was surprising as it came all the way to the U.S. from Morocco.. Thank you SO much for this gorgeous leather pouf!!

Stephanie M.

Really pleased with the pouf and love that it’s travelled all the way from Morocco. The quality is great, seems a shame to put your feet on it! Thanks :)

Amy J.

Took a very long time to get from Morocco to Australia but my slippers are worth the wait. Not quite the colour I had in mind but that's OK. Still love them. So soft. Bliss.

Beryl H.

They are So Beautiful! Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing

Stephanie E.

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