Moroccan Leather Ottoman Square Pouf Tna Brown

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These poufs are not only furniture but also art. They’re made from 100% genuine soft goat leather except for the Original leather in Moroccan. After buying the skin, we hand paint it and dry it in the blazing sun of Marrakesh, then we cut it and hand stitched it, finally, we send it to the outskirt of Marrakesh to be finished with silk embroidery by local Berber women to show off expert craftsmanship. There are five people involved in making each pouf and it takes one day to complete it. There’s a secret bottom zipper for easy stuffing.

These poufs are sold unstuffed to save for shipping cost. To achieve the desired firmness, we recommend cotton batting, old clothes, towels, blankets, shredded foam.

Please be advised that all our poufs are authentic and handmade. Since they are not mass produced or machine made there are natural flaws and variations between the pieces which lend to their uniqueness. Thus, a mark or even a little color variation gives the product a prestigious feature. The smell of leather is normal because the product made from leather and wasn't treated with harmful chemicals, but it will fade away over time. We do our best to represent the product as accurately as possible. This is a product which can last for many years and past to another generation. Five craftsmen toil to make this product.


  • Ethically Handmade in Morocco
  • Leather
  • Zip on underside


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